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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Reunion Update!


Thanks for all the encouraging emails and phone calls! It's exciting to know so many Troublemakers will be there in force at AtlantaFest to see a bunch of old guys try to relive the glory days. Many of you have been asking, "Will Mark be there?" and the answer, unfortunately, is no. Mark Blackburn, a founding member of JT and the original guitarist known for his jangly Rickenbacker sound, has declined to participate for personal reasons. Rest assured that there is no ill will or bitterness, just a simple "No, thank you." Please no gossip or rumor-mongering among the faithful! :-)

There is still no venue yet for the second show, but we will keep you posted as details come.

Now it's our turn to ask a question of you, the fans: What songs would want to hear us play? We have a fair idea of what we would like to play but we want to hear from you. Just click on the comments link below and leave us your fantasy JT set list. Please keep it to about 10 songs max. We look forward to hearing from you.

One last note: I fixed the link to the "Walls of Doubt" video. Thanks for the heads up, Joe! If I can, I hope to be able to add some more video from the many archived JT shows I have. Spare time these days is a rare commodity indeed!

Thanks again for the encouragement! Keep them comments and emails coming!



Keith McIlwain said...

Good luck on the show! Love your work; it has meant a great deal to me, and the Spirit has blessed me through your music! May God continue to bless you and all you do for Christ's Kingdom!

GS3 said...

I have heard rumors that JT drummer Ron Cochran's hair has all fallen out due to a misfortunate incident in which he mistakingly mixed a wide spectrum yard pesticide with a narrow spectrum tree fungus inhibitor. I wanted to put these rumors at bay because I know first hand that RC is lazy and would never be caught dead doing yardwork. However, I can confirm that RC did lose his hair due to a freak transporter accident, in which his hair traveled back to 1985, but his body remained in the present day. I am currently working on a tonic to restore RC's hair to it's prior mane-like length, but so far I have only managed to create an elixir that induces explosive fits of noxious gas to the consumer. Since RC is naturally prone to such emissions, I am not 100% convinced that my tonic is causing such a disgusting result.

jeremy said...

Obviously you'll have to play Wind and Wave. It wouldn't be a JT show without it. Also from "Door..." you should do Waiting for the Son.

There Goes My Heart Again, These Thousand Hills and Islands, Buildings and Freeways from "Knock Breathe Shine".

From "Let the Truth.." you should do Walls of Doubt.

And from the self titled album, do Way of the Cross, Love House, and Better Days.

And for a cover? It's a toss up - Shout it Out Loud or Turn Turn Turn. :D

cgerath said...

ok, here they are:1 Walls of Doubt, 2 you scare the hell outta me,3 O.N.F.S.,4 Desiree, 5 Wind and Wave,6 I'd rather have Jesus, Something good happens, 7 Dreammaker, 8 just like you,9. Tears of an Angel, 10. Turn turn turn.... I would love to say all of them, because I have many favorites.... but you only wanted my top ten :) Carolyn from myspace ;)

David A. said...

Definitely planning to be there Jerry! You've got to play "Something Good Happens"! Also "The Way of the Cross" and "Islands Buildings and Freeways" need to be in the lineup. I'm looking forward to this one, never thought I would have the chance to see you guys in concert again ; )