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Friday, July 11, 2008

Fan Mail Friday!!

Howdy Troublemakers far and wide!
It's time to open up that ol' mailbag and hear from you the fans. This week's letter comes from a guy who saw our videos on YouTube. He writes:

thanks for posting your videos. they bring back many memories. I had the awesome opportunity to see you guys in Evansville, Indiana many years ago at a place called, I think, the encore...
Also, I have been doing a CCM radio show since 1994 on a 50,000 watt PBS station and occasionally I will get a JT tune on.
Anyway, thanks for posting your vids, I loved seeing them.
Best regards,

Well, thankee kindly, Dave. Somebody's got to keep the dream alive! And since we don't have a radio show, it looks like it's up to you!

Have a great weekend everybody! And don't forget to get yer butt in church somewhere, you buncha postmodern, back-pack wearin' latte sippin' horn-rimmed glasses sportin' whipper-snappers!

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