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Thursday, September 16, 2010

JT guitarists listed as top influence on Mark Lee of Third Day

It's no secret that the Third Day boys have long been Troublemakers, even as high school kids! They frequently give us shout-outs on their blogs as well as from the stage whenever they perform "These Thousand Hills" live. I found this nice little nod to Keith and Mark on Mark Lee's blog for guitar players, He was speaking of his biggest influences as a guitarist and he wrote:

I could go any number of directions with this. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about Phil Keaggy and his prowess on the guitar. Also Keith Johnston and Mark Blackburn from Jacob’s Trouble were the first guitarists I saw perform live a number of times so they were a big influence on me. And through touring, I’ve had the chance to share the stage with killer guitarists like Mark Townsend, Jody Davis, and Lincoln Brewster.

Wow! That's some nice company to be in! You can read the entire post here. A big thanks once again to Mark and Third Day for their continued encouragement and support of our music.

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