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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something from the ol' mailbag...

Got this encouraging message on YouTube from a person who clearly has impeccable taste in music...

Jacob's Trouble
Dear Sir,

I was delighted to see your catalogue available at iTunes. I have purchased most of your songs (have been waiting for a long, long time!). I was in high school when I heard you guys first, it was amazing. You guys were way ahead of your times, and your music was some of the best Christian stuff out at the time. I am 37 now, and I teach high school history. Anyway, I guess you get the fan mail all the time, so add me to another person who was touched by your music and ministry. Thank you for it all, you guys ROCKED!

Thanks, friend! You rocketh mightily! Thanks for listening! Now the rest of you get out there and follow his example and buy our entire catalog off iTunes!

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