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Monday, November 13, 2006

My best Friday ever

I posted this on my blog at but I thought JT fans might enjoy reading this:

Last Friday (March 10) I went to see my good friends Third Day play in concert at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. Some of you may know that I have a friendship with them that goes way back to my Jacob's Trouble days when they were just scrawny teenagers trying to get us to listen to their demo tape (which, by the way, I still have in a box at home!).

Anyways, they came to town and Mark Lee, the guitarist, called me up and asked if I wanted tickets. So he hooked me and my family up and we went to see them. I met them backstage before the show just to say hi and thanks for the tickets. I jokingly asked them, "You're gonna do my song tonight, right? I got all my peeps here!" Mark laughed and said they'd see what they could do.

So halfway through the set they do an acoustic deal and Mac says, "One of the first things we ever did as a band was go to a Jacob's Trouble concert. We looked at them and said that's what we want to do." Well that was nice but it gets better. Mac says, "We've got a good friend here tonight, Jerry Davison from Jacob's Trouble. He didn't know we were going to do this but, Jerry, come on up and do this song with us!"

Next thing I know, there's a security guy at my side ushering me through the crowd up to the stage. The whole time I'm thinking, "This would be the wrong place to stink! Please God help me not to sound horrible!" So I went out on stage and sat on a stool between Brad and Mac and sang my llittle heart out. After about 10 seconds it alll came back to me and I even did the vamp we used to do in JT. It was a blast!

The coolest part was getting to share that mmoment with my family. And I had a lot of people from my church family there, too! At one point I looked up in the balcony and saw a couple from my small group going crazy. It was just a great experience and the Third Day guys were so gracious and encouraging. After the song, Mac hugged me and said, "Man, you still have a great voice!" Pretty cool, coming from him, don't you think?

Through it all, I felt God speaking to me saying, "This is just to remind you how much I love you." Wow.

As a side note, I saw this on the Third Day website and it was such a nice compliment I had to share it with my friends.

"We weren't sure how it would be playing in a club on this tour, but this ended up being a special night. The House of Blues is a great venue. Very intimate and cool. In the interest of shaking it up and giving Las Vegas something special, we changed our set pretty dramatically for this show. And a special treat was having Jerry Davison, singer of Jacob's Trouble and writer of "These Thousand Hills", sit in with us on that tune. If you haven't heard his stuff, try to track it down. We used to go to Jacob's Trouble shows in Atlanta, and Jerry's literally one of our heroes. It was almost like having one of the Beatles onstage with us in our book."
click here to read the whole article.

One of the Beatles, huh? Which one, Ringo? :-)
That was a very nice thing to say and I am deeply flattered. My wife says there will be no living with me now. Not to worry honey. I mean, Yoko.

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larryl said...

that's a cool story, and sounds like third day as i remember them...back when all of us atlanta bands just wanted to be jacob's trouble and the waiting.