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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Jacob's Trouble page

You may want to click on over to our JT page on where I recently posted 4 songs from the old JT archives. Every couple of months or so I dig through the old stacks of tapes and CDs to find rare live tracks, unreleased demos, or just the hits you've all come to know and love and stick them up on the site. While you're there, check out some of my solo stuff.

I've been getting some emails and messages on asking, "Jerry, where the heck can I buy new CDs to replace my aging JT cassettes, 8-tracks and Edison wax cylinders?!" Just kidding about the Edison thing. The truth is, you can find pretty much everything we did and dang-it cheap, too, over at eBay. Most people will sell them for a dollar but you have the occasional goofball who thinks an autographed copy of Knock, Breathe, Shine is going to be worth a small fortune. Sheesh! If I thought writing my name on something would make it valuable, I would sign my name on everything in my house and sell it. What a maroon! Anyways check out this search and see what you can find. Happy hunting!

Jerry Davison,
poseur extraordinaire, Jacob's Trouble

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