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Monday, December 18, 2006

E-mail from a fan

I got this email a few weeks ago from a long-time Troublemaker-turned-pastor in Colorado Springs, CO. It was one of those moments where God just knew you needed an encouraging word and moved on someone to say it to you. I asked him if I could share it with you and he was very gracious to give me permission. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

A missionary buddy of mine sent me a blog that you had written about your
experience on stage with Third Day. I found it both nostalgic and humorous.
I am a youth pastor in Colorado Springs, and also do all of our association
work and much of the state work with youth. One of my the neat things we do
is concerts to raise money for the Colorado Baptist State Convention.
Therefore, I rottenly am around some of the bigger names in music. This year
I have done shows with Toby Mac, Newsboys, Reliant K, Newsong, Hawk Nelson,
and the likes.
I have said all this to say that, when things are slow and the bands or
artist ask me the kind of music I am into, I explain that God only made one
type of music for me... Jacob's Trouble, Lost Dogs, and The Seventy Sevens.
THIS ALWAYS CAUSES TWO RESPONSES.... The younger guys, (like Sanctus Real
and Thousand Foot Krutch) always reply...WHO? and the ones who have been
around the business, reply with great reverence for you and the dogs, and
I just wanted you to know this because your writing influenced myself and
many of our peers. We are now all spread around the globe doing God's work,
but when we get together, JT is quoted in the same conversations with the
likes of The Holy Grail, Raising Arizona, and Christmas Vacation. If we run
across a judgmental know it all.... he is a Mr. Hitler... and so on.... I
have quoted your music at youth rallies on 5 continents as well. JT was
simply part of my experience (along with Driving and Crying, Braves
Baseball, and Lewis Grizzard)
So if you are like me.... I rarely get to know when I have made a positive
impact. Now that I "stare down the barrel of a loaded microphone" 2 or 3
times a week, I know to say thank you to those who have influenced me. So
Jerry, know that your writing taught me scriptures when I didn't want to
read and inspired me when my prayer life was in the pits. God Bless You and
your work in Nevada.

(name withheld by request)
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Jan said...

The first time I ever heard JT I was getting a ride to church in a powder-blue Ford Escort with a guy from school I didn't know very well. He played "She Smiles at the Future" for me and told me that it reminded him of me... now we have been married for sixteen years and I still can sing the whole song. I miss your music, you guys and your works were a foundation to my college years. Thanks for the good memories!