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Friday, January 26, 2007

Jacob's Trouble Reunites!

It's true! We have been in talks about a possible one-shot reunion show in Atlanta for several months now. Now it looks like it will be at least a two-shot deal. JT will perform Friday June 15 at 1:00 PM at AtlantaFest '07 and then, the following night,Saturday June 16, we will be performing a full 2 hour show at an as-yet-undisclosed location. If all goes well, we are planning to record that show, mix it down and release our first ever live CD later this year or in early '08. This is particularly exciting for us as we have always wanted to do a live record properly. Add to it the excitement of the first new JT CD since 1998's Sampler Pak extravaganza and well, we're smiling bigger than Mister Rogers when the trolley rolls up!

Also, we will soon be launching our own website for the first time. We will still maintain this blog as well as the page. But it will be the Troublemakers' first stop for all things JT. I'll be back with more details as they happen.

Until then, thanks for being the faithful fans that you are!



shanaowen said...

Jerry- David and I just got an Atlanta Fest brochure this week. I was just casually looking through it and saw "Jacob's Trouble". I said "LOOK! This says Jacob's Trouble is playing Atlanta Fest!!" We always loved you guys-you were definitely ground breakers who were ahead of your time. Yes-we still have your cassetes and have played them for our kids. Great music!! I am Shana Owen- I went to Nursing School with Cheryl. Please tell her I said hello- I would love to hear from her sometime Jerry, God gave you a gift to proclaim the gospel in a REAL way-you reminded me of Keith Green. I'm glad you'll be at Atlanta Fest- hope we'll be able to come.

Sean said...

I will do whatever I can to get down to Atlanta for this show...