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Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Something Good Happens" video

This was our one and only music video. Frontline Music Group, our label at that time, flew us out to LA right before Icthus '92 (April) and put us in a room and told us to jump around. We were hoping for something resembling a good ol' romp from a Monkees' episode but it fell a little short of that, I think. Anyway, in typical Frontline fashion, "Something Good Happens" was released a s a single to radio that summer, and then in the fall, after the single had died and nobody cared, they finally released the video. It showed up on a couple of obscure TV shows but pretty much disappeared into obscurity immediately.

It was packaged along with a lot of old, out-of-date Christian music videos and given the completely idiotic title, "The Best Christian Videos We've Ever Seen" with JT as the host band. A more accurate title would've been "The Worst Christian Videos We've NEVER Seen" because we hadn't even seen our own video at that time, much less the other videos on the program. One would surmise from watching this tape that either we hadn't seen many Christian music videos or we had horrible taste.

When we recorded our next record, 1993's Jacob's Trouble, we told Frontline we had some ideas for our next video. They said,"There's not going to be another video." When we asked why they said that there just wasn't an outlet for Christian music videos that made the cost worthwhile. So that's why there is only one JT music video.

And here it is in all its glory. Silly? Yes. Funny? Maybe. But it is what it is and there ya go.


jeremy said...

I remember being at the Kingdom Bound Festival during the big marketing push for that video set, I was a teenager and a major JT Fan. I visited your table like, four, five times, and every time one of you guys tried to sell me on the video set, but I could tell none of you were really into it. :D

I looked at the video, though, and I didn't really want to spend the ten or twelve bucks that it cost just to see your video. I'm kind of glad I saved my money. :)

Just out of curiousity, what songs were you thinking you were going to do a video for?

Jerry Davison said...

Well, we really wanted to do a video for "Lovehouse." In fact, we shot a homemade "demo" video for ir just to see what we could do without a label's help. It sucked pretty bad. I have it somewhere. Maybe I'll post it for giggles but they would be embarrassed giggles to be sure.

Jeff said...


I was lucky enough to get to watch the video multiple times. (I roomed with your brother-in-law in Tulsa for a while and met you once at his wedding reception in Atlanta.)

Funny thing is that you can still pick up a copy of the classic video and save 90%:

Anyway, I think you guys were ahead of your time. I still enjoy listening to your music. I lost track of David L., but I hope he is doing well. I thought Sideways8 had a good sound, but I never got into Janah. Sorry to hear that the reunion fell through. Many of the troublemakers will be disappointed, I'm sure.