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Friday, May 01, 2009

Return of Fan Mail Friday

Well, it's been a while since we cracked open the ol' mailbag. I guess that's because no one has written to us lately. Maybe that we have been defunct for 15 years has something to do with it...

Anyways, I got this email from a fan who caught our stuff on YouTube:

I really am glad to be able communicate with you. I have so many things to say to you. You guys meant so much to me for just a short period as a band and continually through your recordings. While I like all kinds of music, I've always leaned heavily toward metal (Current fave's Demon Hunter, Skillet, Disciple). That's why it is so amazing to me that your music just reached out and grabbed me like it did. I think you guys were just great songwriters and that's what attracted me to Jacob's Trouble. I really enjoyed your last two CD's. You seemed to hit on all cylinders as musicians. I became a fan about a month before your last CD came out. I saw you tear it up at a church in Parkersburg WV in front of about 300. The last show I got to attend was in front of about 20 people at a Vineyard church in Cross Lanes WV. Most of the show you were literally only a foot from me. You could have played bongos on my head . I got to help you guys a couple of times tear down after about three of the four times I saw you in '93. I was at Ichthus where you put up some stuff on YouTube. I got a cool picture of a couple of you guys with Terry Taylor and my roommate. I showed you the picture and you said Terry looked like a demented Santa Claus.
I'm really happy to see you in ministry. I always dread finding out about some of my past favorites, because I fear hearing that they abandoned their faith. Remember the Roger Martinez issue from the mid 90's? Anyway I got a kick out of seeing the picture of you, Steve and Mark on your Facebook page. So what is everyone doing these days? I guess I expected to hear about each of you guys joining/starting bands but that didn't happen. Where are Ron and Keith? Did Keith ever find his "Pasta Mama"? Anyway I hope to hear from you sometime. Feel free to tell me about you church and living in Vegas. By the way I'm fond of CSI, LOST, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy too.

Bill Bias

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