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Monday, May 11, 2009

You'll never guess who I ran into today....

So I'm attending the one-day Sticky Church conference in Cumming, GA. today with some pastor friends, right? And I'm at this cool, hip, edgy church called Mountain Lake Church. I keep noticing that they are playing great music (Coldplay, U2, etc.) between sessions. I walk by the sound booth and just glance over at the front of house guy mixing sound and our eyes lock. I did a double take and practically fell out. It was none other than my buddy and former JT drummer, Ron Cochran! We both yelled and pointed. I'm sure everybody thought we were nuts!

It was an awesome surprise and a great gift from the Father. Ron and I haven't seen each other in a decade or more and to just happen to be in the same room at the same time was too much to be merely a coincidence. Ron tells me he and his wife, Kristen, just had their first baby 16 days ago. No pics, sorry. I didn't have a camera with me. Anyways we traded numbers and promises to call soon.

Just thought you guys might enjoy that. I know I did!

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