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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wayside covers "These Thousand Hills" on their new CD

Our good buddy John J. Thompson and his band, The Wayside, have recorded a version of our song, "These Thousand Hills" on their new project, Spiritual Songs. We found this blurb from the band's biography on Last.FM:
The project came to life when the two enlisted the recording help of producer and engineer Stephen Leiweke to record their version of “These Thousand Hills,” a worship song they have been performing since its original release in 1989 by the Atlanta band Jacob’s Trouble. It was a special request by their good friend Pat O’Malley who was battling cancer. “We just wanted to capture the song the way we had been doing it for years,” John explains. “It was a favorite of Pat’s and he requested it be used at his memorial service when that time came. We decided not to wait, but to record it right away so he could enjoy it while he was still with us.”

Wow. We are so grateful to God that He is still using our music to comfort, encourage, and speak into so many lives. It's a testament to the greatness of God, not the goodness of our songs. He is awesome!


Pastor Dave said...

Ok, this has nothing to do with this post...although I find it very cooool that someone covered a JT song! I'm diggin' the video clips you have up! Any chance of a JT dvd?

Pastor Dave

Jerry & Cheryl Davison said...

Hi Pastor Dave!
No plans for any official JT DVD releases. All our stuff i in limbo right now. Since Frontline folded, and KMG (the last company to own our catalog) also folded, all our music is tied up somewhere and no one seems to know who owns it right now. I would love to see a DVD, to see our music available on iTunes for download, to see them re-released... God knows and will have His way, if it pleases Him!